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About 25% of companies in Africa close due to lack of sales. In some African countries that ratio is 65%. That underperformance impacts the job market, and especially the youth.


Companies employing 20 or more are most likely to cite inadequate skills and lack of sales mindset as a constraint to business growth.

  For numerous graduates, including those from business majors this deficiency is often a result of discouragement stemming from negative experiences or feeling undervalued within companies that typically employ junior sales professionals.

With that in mind, finding sustainable solutions to help youth 18 to 30 get the skills and character and help companies get more sales is not just a business opportunity, it becomes a mission. Passion led us here.

That's why Elite Waraba was launched

Max Fossouo, Founder & CEO

Grow Your Business
With Us

Our mission: To accelerate jobs creation and help organizations scale through competent sales professionals.

Our vision: To be the address for competent sales professionals in Africa.

Our belief: Whatever business you are in, we believe growth comes from sales and people.

Our values: ODPP

Organization: Planning what we want to achieve and knowing who will do it with, where, when, and with needed support materials

Discipline: Doing what we said we would do, at the moment we said we would do it, whether we want to do it or not.

Perseverance: Continuing when we feel like giving up fine-tuning our approach and strategy.

Performance: Making numbers and facts the basis of our decision-making process.

Youth Unemployment

Only 3 millions out of the 18 millions jobs needed are being created annually. 

The creation of job opportunities comes from organization's growth and growth comes from sales. Every company we help to get more sales is a seed planted for more job opportunities. 

Economic Growth

Sales is a key essential department for any organization. By building a compensation model with the frontline of business acquisition in mind and by getting more sales we then increase the purchasing power of many. Especially in Africa where behind an earning professional there are 10 people being supported. 

Capacity Building

Continuous training and education is essential to grow. Many companies do not yet have that culture. By making training affordable and impactful we hope to drive a behavior change in many local organizations in operating countries.

Quality of Life

We only work with companies with useful and reputable products or services. Therefore we are contributing in making the world a better place. 

Value of Relationship

One of the greatest sales channel of all times is a sales through referral. Our RecoTontine service will get people to always be genuinely interested in others and care.

Sales Mindset

Sales growth shouldn't be the concern of solely the sales department. Moreover, whoever you are and whatever you do, you have to sell your ideas, project, service, solution, advice... to anyone of interest. Such a sales mindset will help us all move faster, be accountable and solution oriented.

Few things we hope to impact on as we accomplish our mission

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